Dr. Belmeur Foam Cleanser + Daily Repair Toner [Samples Review]

Early this year, The Face Shop launched Dr. Belmeur— a skin care line that uses mild, plant-based ingredients and has a low irritant formula created particularly for dry and sensitive skin.

I got a sample size package of their Foam Cleanser + Daily Repair Toner from The Face Shop when I bought my liquid veil concealer.

The package includes 3 sample size pack of Dr. Belmeur Foam Cleanser and 2 mini bottles of Daily Repair Toner.


Dr. Belmeur Foam Cleanser

This foam cleanser claims to minimize irritation for sensitive skin. It’s a gel-type cleanser that feels creamy when lathered. I liked this one as it leaves my face smooth and supple after cleansing, and it helped wash-off my makeup as well.


It has a mild musky scent that I find very refreshing.


Daily Repair Toner

The Daily Repair Toner is used after the cleanser. It minimizes irritation for dry and sensitive skin. I apply this using a cotton pad after I cleanse. I find this toner quite stingy, particularly on my cheek area. Its fragrance is similar from the foam cleanser, although this has a stronger and more distinct smell. What’s good about this is that it leaves my skin smooth and hydrated after application.

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Kamille King


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