Learning Brush Calligraphy

Sharing some tips on brush calligraphy (for beginners). I am not a pro calligrapher, but I have been doing this for almost 2 years now. I also got questions from my previous videos about ‘these’ so I decided to make a video to answer all that. I hope these tips help you the same way it had helped me when I was just starting. Hope you enjoy it and find a new hobby on calligraphy.

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Daiso has been one of the most go-to dollar stores in town. With the great variety of products available- from household items, snacks, makeup, school supplies, etc., Daiso indeed has it all.

As a crafty head, one of my most favorite spot when visiting a shop like Daiso is, guess what, the stationery section. They offer several arts and crafts supplies, and as I have shown in my previous haul, I picked up their watercolor.

See if this 12 pcs. watercolor set from Daiso is worth your 88 pesos.

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